Raw Hair Wholesaler prides itself on providing business owners with consistent quality, support, and transparency. Please be advised of the following: 


Once an order is delivered, you may report any damages or errors with your order within 48-72 hours upon receipt of items verified by the carrier. 

All documentation (receipts, order information, images, video etc) must be submitted within this timeframe for consideration. Please ensure all photos and videos are clear to avoid denial.   After this timeframe, Raw Hair Wholesaler can no longer be responsible for said items.

Applicable exchanges are only on unworn hair. Products must have original packaging and can not be manipulated in any way due to our safety and sanitary guidelines.  This includes but not limited to (the running of fingers through hair, altering original pattern, washing, rinsing, etc).

Please understand that we cannot accept claims on altered products. If you are having trouble with your order please contact support before altering the product. 

To submit a claim click here or contact partner support. Please be advised that claims cannot be submitted after this time. 

Non-Disclosure Clause: 

The privacy of our partners are our top priority. At no time shall any partner disclose their relationship with Raw Hair Wholesaler. All information including (but not limited to) pricing, product information, inventory, stock photos, group content, video, partner information shall not be disclosed to the public for any said reason. If found to release sensitive information about the company, Raw Hair Wholesaler withholds the right to take legal action. 


Orders over $1000 are subject to higher processing & shipping fees. These fees will be calculated based on order volume and reflected in at checkout.


For the safety of all users, all hair should be washed thoroughly before use. Debris, loose materials, and/or dead lice eggs are rare but may be present. 

For especially sensitive scalps, wefted extension methods may not be suitable. Consult a licensed professional before use. Please be advised, Raw Hair Wholesaler cannot be held responsible for adverse effects i.e scalp irritation, itchiness, hair loss, or other common conditions due to extension wear. 


Due to the nature of our products, hair may vary in color, texture, luster, and/or curl pattern. 

Lace products may also vary slightly in density & knot size as these are hand made products.

Claims cannot be approved for slight inconsistencies outside of our product details. All disclaimers should be read and thoroughly understood before purchase.

Why does my hair have a funny smell?

Our factories wash tons of raw hair every week, air dry, weft and store. Even though we use hair deodorizer to maintain a fresh aroma we encourage customers to wash and condition their bundles to refresh them. This does not mean our hair has been mixed with synthetic hair.

I found a string and/or debris in my hair. Is it mixed with synthetic fibers or fillers?

No. We are 100% raw company. When our hair is being made into a weft it goes through industrial sewing machines in our factory which houses cloth tags or foreign materials. A string or debris may be found during the wefting process.

I found a grey hair and/or colored strands in my hair. Is my hair bad?

No. Sometimes our donors may have a gray strand or a streak of color in their hair when we collect it. This does not mean the hair is bad it simply means the particular donor had a grey strand or some color upon collection. Please remove and wear as desired.

Why is one of my wefts are a little shorter than the other bundle of hair?

Our raw hair is weighed on a scale 3.2-3.5 ounces and then sewn on a sewing machine. There may be a slight variation in the length of weft however you are still getting the ounces of hair you have paid for. Each factory worker may add in hair more heavily than the next worker but all hair has been weighed for accuracy.

Why does one of my bundles feel dry?

When hair is cut from the human head the hair no longer gets the natural oil the body supplies to the scalp. The hair may be dry due to the disconnect from the human head however a good deep condition and a light weight oil will restore moisture.

Why is my hair tangling and matting?

Our raw and body wavy hair should not tangle and matte excessively. Please contact customer service if you are experiencing this. For curly hair or any textured hair you will have some tangling underneath the nape due to the hair rubbing against the neck all day. Please gently detangle starting at the ends and braid it in pigtails. Please remember less product is best. Too much product can weigh the hair down and cause it to tangle.

Hair will experience slight shedding due to hair being sewn on to a weft. Always gently comb hair from bottom to top in sections. Never finger rake dry hair or be too rough.

Why is there an outline on my closure/frontal?

Our Swiss lace closures and frontals are handmade a ventilated for a pre-plucked look. Our workers may use clear string as a guideline or faint drawn line to help keep in boundaries when ventilating the hairlines. Simply cut the string upon install or wash away the line.


All partners are subject to withhold our standards of privacy. No party should explicitly expose it’s relation to the other. Disclosing the nature of our business relationship(s), partners, affiliates, or representatives should be met by termination, penalty, and/or legal action based on damages brought by this action. This non-disclosure extends to all members associated with Raw Hair Wholesaler regardless of the duration of membership, cancellation, or current status.