Once an order is delivered, please inspect immediately. Please report any damages or errors with your order within 5 days upon receipt of items verified by the carrier. Failure to do so will result in automatic denial of any and all claims. NO EXCEPTIONS!

All documentation such as receipt of order, photos and videos must be submitted within the timeframe for consideration as well. Failure to do so will result in automatic denial of any and all claims. NO EXCEPTIONS! To submit a claim please email us at


Please clarify wash all hair thoroughly before useDebris, loose materials, and/or dead lice eggs are rare but may be present. Please do not be alarmed raw hair needs full clarifying shampoo and cleanse before wearing.

Please be advised, Raw Hair Wholesaler cannot be held responsible for adverse effects i.e scalp irritation, itchiness, hair loss, or other common conditions due to extension wear. 


Due to the nature of raw hair color may vary, texture, luster, and/or curl pattern. Lace products may also vary slightly in density & knot size as they are made by hand. Claims cannot be approved for slight inconsistencies outside of product details.


Funny Smell

Our factories wash tons of raw hair every week, air dry, weft and store. Even though we use hair deodorizer to maintain a fresh aroma we encourage customers to wash and condition their bundles thoroughly. 


We are 100% Raw Hair company. We do not use synthetic hair or fibers at anytime. Hair is wefted on industrial sewing machines in our factories. We use cloth tags and different threads for other products. Please do not be alarmed if thread or some foreign material is found. If in doubt, please perform burn test. 100% human hair should burn fast and crumble like chalk dust. To submit a claim please email us at 


Colored/Grey Strand

Sometimes our donors may have a gray strand(s) or a streak of color in their hair when we collect it. Please remove and wear as desired. Please do not be alarmed. We try our best to pick out but sometimes miss. We are 100% Raw Hair sourcing donar.

Dry Hair

When hair is cut from the human head the hair no longer gets the natural oil from scalp (or) if hair has been steamed to create pattern it may be a little dry. Please use a good conditioner and a light weight oil to restore moisture. Any issues contact us anytime at

Tangling and Matting

Our raw and body wavy hair should not tangle and matte excessively. Please contact customer service if you are experiencing this IMMEDIATELY.
For curly hair, kinky curly hair or any coiled textured hair you will have some tangling underneath the nape due to the hair rubbing against the clothing all day. Please gently detangle starting at the ends. Please remember less product is best. Too much heavy conditioner and oil can weigh hair down and cause it to tangle.


Hair will experience slight shedding due to hair being sewn on to a weft and combing/brushing/styling overtime will cause strands to break from weft. Always gently comb hair from bottom to top. Never pull and rip through hair. this will cause unnecessary shedding and breakage. 

Closure/Frontal Outline

Our Swiss and HD lace closures and frontals are handmade a ventilated for a pre-plucked look. Our workers may use a clear string as a guideline or faint drawn line to help keep in boundaries when ventilating the hairlines. Simply cut the string upon install or wash the line away.

Writing "Synthetic Hair" on Shipping Label

To avoid tariff and import taxes during shipping we write "synthetic material" so we do not have any issue with customs and border control for sending human hair to other countries. We write "synthetic hair" to pass customs.

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