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All memberships are a monthly reoccurring charge. All memberships are non-refundable and can be cancelled or paused at anytime. To do so, log into PayPal under "Subscriptions" cancel or pause monthly subscription or email us. All members are required to read and acknowledge all policies and procedures before sign-up. 

Inspection of Products:

Once order is delivered to your address PLEASE INSPECT PRODUCTS IMMEDIATELY!  You have up to (10 DAYS) upon receipt of delivery TO REPORT ANY DAMAGES AND/OR DISCREPANCIES, INCONSISTENCIES AND/OR UNSUAL FINDINGS  with your order. PLEASE DO NOT WAIT! REPORT ANY AND ALL FINDINGS IMMEDIATELY! Timeframe is important. Any claims reported after the stated time frame Raw Hair Wholesaler can no longer be held responsible after expired timeframe NO EXCEPTIONS! Email us to submit a claim at


Claims and Reporting:

Customer has up to (10) days to report any discrepancies after opening products, PLEASE DO NOT WAIT TO CHECK! If in any case product is DEFECTIVE, WRONG, NOT SUITABLE, UNUSUAL, INCONSISTENT ETC. PLEASE DO NOT proceed to bleach, make wig, comb, run fingers through and/or manipulate further AS THIS WILL CAUSE ANY EXISTING ISSUE(S) TO WORSEN.  Please email Raw Hair Wholesaler IMMEDIATELY to open up a claim. Please submit photos and all supporting evidence via email. Timeframe is important, Raw Hair Wholesaler can no longer be held responsible after expired timeframe. NO EXCEPTIONS!  Email us to submit a claim at

Claim Approvals

If your claim is approved due to (no-fault) of customer you may return faulty/incorrect products within 48-72 hours of claim. CUSTOMER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL SHIPPING. All documentation must be submitted (receipts, return tracking number, etc) within this timeframe for the claim to remain valid. After the stated timeframe is exceeded Raw Hair Wholesaler will no longer accept returns or held responsible for items. Email us to submit a claim at 

Exchanges are only considered on unworn hair. WE DO NOT ACCEPT WORN OR INSTALLED HAIR.  Products must have original packaging. Any manipulation in ANY WAY  which includes but not limited to the running of fingers through hair, altering original pattern, washing, rinsing, bleaching may result in a 30%-75% penalty fee or possible denial of claim altogether. 

Please be advised, we cannot credit any shipping cost.  Please contact customer support if you have any issues right away as we always seek resolution with our valuable customers.

Shipping Notice: 

Please be advised an additional 3-5 shipping days may be needed due to delayed shipping or any unforeseen circumstances. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST OR STOLEN PACKAGES IN TRANSIT AND/OR DELIVERY.

Incorrect Address:

Please ensure shipping address is correct. Raw Hair Wholesaler can not be held responsible for mis-ships due to customer error. In any case if the package is returned to Raw Hair Wholesaler, the owner of the parcel is required to pay a reship fee. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST OR STOLEN PACKAGES IN TRANSIT AND/OR DELIVERY.

Shipping Point of Contact:

We ship with courier Japan Post. General arrival time is approximately 5-7 after dispatch. USPS is point of contact for stateside deliveries. Please email us if you need any additional assistance at any time. 

Insurance/Lost/Stolen Packages:

Insurance may be included on your order BEFORE COMPLETING PURCHASE. Please notify customer service before checking out. If you or your customer encounters an issue regarding lost, stolen or damaged packages please contact USPS Customer Support 1-800-275-8777 with your tracking number. Raw Hair Wholesaler cannot be held responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged packages.

Disclaimers:  Please see full list of disclaimers click here. 

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