Raw Hair Wholesaler


Raw Hair Wholesaler


Our units are made like a wig maker makes them. We create beautiful factory made units, able to produce mass productions on fitted dome caps. We have professional colorist to create any custom color request for your business. We are always open and flexible to meet the creative needs for your business.

Raw Hair Wholesaler


We are able to supply 60+ tons of raw hair weekly. We have more than enough room for the growth and expansion of your business.

Raw Hair Wholesaler


We only source the highest grades of raw hair from the countryside Vietnam donors. Ponytails are cut, washed, wefted and shipped to salons and hair companies worldwide.

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Ready to go to the next level? Direct Vendor Investments

"I needed direct factory prices for my salon"

I was a long time member and had purchased from many many times and loved their products. If I could get a cheaper wholesale price with the same vendor then that's exactly what I wanted! I decided to take the next step and invest in their main vendor. BEST DECISION I MADE FOR MY BUSINESS!
Purchased: Main Vendor

"Perfect for my beginner business"

I have not been in the hair industry for long and wasn't looking to invest big at the moment. The starter vendor was perfect for what I needed as I have done business with them many times before. As far as quality and price goes it affords me the opportunity to sell my wigs at a great price without compromising on quality. Love that for me!
Purchased: Beginner Vendor


Caption and picture is enough! Just get it.. THANK YOU RAW HAIR WHOLESALER!!!
Purchased: Burmese Bundles & Closure

Bundles are THICK THICK!

The hair is full and thick. Definitely worth it for the girls who love the curls!
Purchased: Burmese Bundles & Lace
Raw Hair Wholesaler
Raw Hair Wholesaler

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