Processing and Shipping

How long is processing and shipping?

Processing and shipping is standard 7-10 business days (excluding weekends). Your customers order will be shipped out 24-48 hours after. If your order exceeds the shipping timeframe please contact us for updates on your order.

What are the processing and shipping fees?

1.) DHL Shipping is $14 for 1 Bundle 2.) DHL Shipping is $43 for 2-50 Bundles. WE ACCEPT PAYPAL ONLY!!! **PAYPAL FEE WILL BE ADDED TO YOUR ORDER TOTAL.


Raw Hair Wholesaler is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged packages during transit. Please insure your order or SHIP AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! After Raw Hair Wholesaler has given a tracking number we are no longer be responsible for your order during transit, drop off location and/or recieved. Contact USPS at 1(800) 877-8339.

Invalid Address

Raw Hair Wholesaler is not responsible for orders shipped to incorrect or invalid addresses. All rerouting/reshipping cost and/or liabilities will be your responsibility. Contact USPS at 1(800) 877-8339.

Order Inspection

Upon recieving your package you have 48-72 hours to inspect and report any issues with your order at that time. If any damages/discrepencies should be found at that time please submit a claim via email at ***IMPORTANT: UPON RECEIPT OF ITEMS VERIFIED THROUGH USPS.COM YOU HAVE 48-72 HOURS TO SUBMIT ANY CLAIMS TO US. AFTER TIMEFRAME HAS PASSED, RAW HAIR WHOLESALER IS NO LONGER RESPONSIBLE FOR THE SAID ITEMS ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS!!!